Exploring Racial Equity Impact In the U.S. and Beyond: Virtual Workbook

  • Our issue. From food insecurity, to healthcare access, to the negative impacts of climate change, nearly every social issue in the United States is colored by racial factors, among a host of other dynamics. The “What’s the systemic story?” impact prompt challenges us to ask: have we taken the time to understand the role of race in a given issue space, from its historical origins to the policies in place now? Without this insight, we could find ourselves building onto or even fully replicating systems that have never worked for people of color or other oppressed groups.
  • Our action opportunities. The impact prompt asking, “Where are the opportunities to act?” can help push our commitment to “work on race” beyond abstract goodwill to a plan for dismantling concrete injustices. By unpacking different facets of race, from the construct itself to dynamics like bias and lived experience, we can start to determine what a set of specific racial equity action commitments might look like. When layered with what we know about race within our issue space, this can become very powerful work.
    Of course, you don’t have to get to a plan of action this way — an issue space or a cultural moment may have a very clear need that your organization is well positioned to take on right away. But for those still exploring where to start to make a difference, a prompt like this can help highlight real opportunities for change.
  • Our creative process and content. The United States racial justice movement has a historically rich and inspiring creative landscape that’s only grown over the ages. From some of our favorite individual creators, to leading advocacy groups and thoughtful brands, this work is often emotive, expressive, and highly collaborative. When we’re eager to join in the tradition of using creative content to change hearts and minds on race, the impact prompt asking, “How can you create empowering content?” encourages us to pursue every opportunity to be respectful, authentic, and uplifting in our process and end products. When done with care, the creative heart of racial justice campaigning can lead to huge strides in understanding and welcome more and more people into the movement.



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